Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 31, 2009

Covina, CA to Ghalala, CA
502 miles
Ghalala Point Regional Park Campground

Left Covina to Fort Bragg. On the way, we had two scheduled stops with two of the coolest guys that we know.

Simi Valley was our first stop were we met with Peter (DYNOSOAR), who thanks to him, this trip has become a reality. With the same token, if something breaks downs, it will also be thanks to him. BTW, he takes no credit either way........
As always Peter went the extra mile and offered his help any way he could if we were to breakdown.

45 minutes later, we were onward to San Francisco via the I-5.
Met up with Merrick (Chino Cochino). Merrick is one of the dudes that help with the engine conversion. It was really cool to have met him, his beautiful family and friends.
He was kind enough to invites us over for a cold beer and really tasty home made fish tacos.
We compared LC's (he also did his own conversion with his brother's help) and did some cruiser tech talk. Merrick thanks for the steering wheel eh !! Two hours later, we said our goodbyes (hang loose brah !!! )

Being that this is our first time in this part of the country (average speed around this area was between 20 - 35 mph), we continued on Hwy 1 (Pacific Shore Hwy). Although our destination was Fort Bragg, we managed to make it to Woodside Campground in Salt Point State Park, but within 5 minutes of hearing drunken college kids yelling for help and thinking that Jason (Friday the 13th) was coming to get us, we continued to Gualala Campground were we spent the night.
Very nice and quiet campground and the best part was that nobody was screaming out for help.

Here are some pictures from our first day:

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