Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stardate: June 15, 2009

Homer, AK
Seaside Hostel

We spent a day here getting to know this town.

We go up early 5 am had breakfast and went to the very end of "East End Rd." pop it on 4wd low and came down to the beach on a very steep dirt road.
We actually got to do some mild wheeling on sand and mud where various creeks dump into the shores.. Here are some pics.

How would yah like to wake up to this every day !!

Here is a map of the general area and the glaciers listed by name.
We are thinking of coming back here next year and exploring this some of the surrounding towns as there is plenty of places to climb summit a lot of the peaks in this area. Most peaks on the back ground are around 5k with the glacier starting right at around 2k of elevation...SAWIIIT !!
We opted not to get a water taxi to the other side of the bay as we really want to make another trip out this way and spend a few days on that side and camp out.
Water taxis here are expensive. A round-trip to the other side of the bay which is only 3-4 miles out is $80 per person. We will probably rent out some kayaks and make our way out that way and explore explore explore !!!

Secluded area right before we drove down to the beach !!

At sea level with the glaciers on the other side..

Same spot with a panoramic view !!!

Later today we went for a 14 mile ride around town and got to see this fisherman cutting the catch of the day... 15 miles out and they had about 40 fish in a bucket. Halibut each weighted around 25@.

On the way back my bike's suspension fell apart....well, a bolt got loose and dropped some where on the beach.. so we decide to limp back to the car which is about 7 miles out.

On the way back Selene finds this rusted bolt on the side of the Hwy and tells me to try it out....
The chances of this thing having the same thread and width are pretty remote.....

Well, how bout that eh !!! It fits and we are happily on our way back to the car...

Another shot from where the area we camp-out out of....

Views from our campsite its 12 midnight and the sun is finally setting in... Damn is hard to go to sleep with this much light and awesome views...
Anyways... we going to bed as we are stressed out......not !!!

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  1. All I can saw is WOW! I don't know if I would ever come home. That looks like one of the most awesome places on the planet(at least in late sping/summer). Enjoy! I will see you guys soon. I am on summer vacation after Monday (22nd)