Monday, June 15, 2009

Starday: June 14, 2009

Denali NP to Homer, AK
460 miles
Seaside Hostel

Drove from Denali NP to Anchorage with not much to see due to rain.
We did drive by Talkeetna, Ak.
This is where most climbers fly out to the base camp on Denali on Kahiltna Glacier . West Buttress Route, that is what I want to climb in the next one to two years... but we'll see.

Once we got past Anchorage the Tundra changes dramatically and much more beautiful and has some breath taking views...

Here are some pictures...

Coming out of Denali NP on a rainy day...

Just south of Anchorage and the views go from this to Woah !!!

Portage lake and its many glaciers.
We discussed going to Whittier, AK and doing a boat tour but that would of put us 2 days behind schedule.
Yet, another reason to come back and explore this place.

Homer, AK welcomes you with this cool sign and this view of the glaciers which makes you wonder where the glacier stops and the clouds begin, very pretty and unique place.

Bald eagle standing on some sort of antenna on Homer Spit Rd., AK
This thing must of been 25 lbs. We later found out there were two of them that hang on the pier and feed on fish from some of the tourist ( you are not to feed wild life, but.......)

So, we go to the local town info center and they give us the beta on where the tent sites are. We head to Homer Spit Rd. and although very much a noisy and industrial like area the views from here we think are amazing so we go ahead and get a tent site.

We then go to the local laundromat not to do laundry but to take a much, much needed hot shower. Around here all the laundromats offer showers to a lot of the locals and tourists alike.
We asked why is this and were told that the local population year round in this town is 4k but on summer (usually 2/3 months) it soars to 10k and most houses do not have plumbing. Obviously it seems that almost everyone that we talk to is not from AK but some other part of the world. Most have come to visit and have chosen to stay. We can see and feel the allure to this place.

Since sunset is not until 1am we then decide to explore "East ends Rd" under the advice of "Mattie" the lady from Ohio running the laundromat.

As we are going down the road we come up a hitch hiker ( one of thousands that we have seen during our trip). This time however we decide to pick him up. "Igor" was his name and turns out he is originally from Russia and speaks Spanish with an Argentinian accent. "Small world" we say. After some small talk Igor suggest staying at a local hostel and raves about it. We ofcourse decide to check it out and are amazed as to why we were never told of this place at the info center. We drop Igor off and drive back to Homer Spit Rd. campground and, although we have already pay $11 for our camp site for that nigh we pick our things up and spend the night at this magical-like hostel.

Here are some pics and check out the views from this place..

We opted to tent out (first time on this trip) but how could we not.
Look at the views from this place... the beach is just a few steps away from the green tent on the pic above.

View of one of many Glaciers across the bay from the hostels beach front.

Highly recommend this place if any of you ever make it this way.....

I know where we are going to stay next time we come here.

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  1. Hi Selene,
    What an awesome trip you had!!!! Thanks for sharing. I wish to take the same trip in the near future, any suggestions?

    Theresa Buck