Monday, June 22, 2009

Stardate: June 18, 2009

Muncho Lake Provincial Park, BC to McLeod Lake Provincial Park, BC
600 miles
Whiskers Point Campground

Got up this morning feeling much better after sleeping almost 10hrs.. Damn Im getting old !!!
So, our drive took us to some of the most beautiful scenery in BC.

Here are some pics..

Oso (that's Bear for all yah non-bilingual peeps). Right off the road he looked at us and kept eating... I think we saw more wild life in BC than we did in AK. We did not take pics of many bear sightings as they came up around the bend and fast at us.... This shot I was actually able to come to a full stop and take a good pic of it.. it was around 8 am before any Tim Horton's coffee.

Selene standing at one of may scenic views of BC between Watson Lake and Fort Nelson. This place has as many Mesa's like AZ or Utah does, but the difference is these are lush and the clouds are plentiful !!!

Ok, so the story with this guys starts when we first saw/met him at Teslin, Yukon while we stop to have breakfast at this little restaurant on our way to AK.
We saw him and chatted with him agian in Fort Nelson...on our way back from Alaska.
Turns out he is from Japan and decided to ride from Fairbanks, Alaska to Edmonton, Alberta.
That's a total of 1,800 miles plus !!!
His whole set up according to him weighted 70 kilos or 154lbs (((( OUCH !!! )))))
He had a total of 4 extra tires.. two where mtb tires as the road in many places turns into gravel for tens of miles at the time.
We saw many riders doing cross country rides like this......
When I think back and remember all we have driven this guy actually rode !!!!
Dude....HE ROCKS !!!!

Got into McLeod lake and found this SUPER NICE campground at Whisker Point Camp Ground.
The kid employed by Canada Parks turned out to be a Hyperactive dude and we must of seen him a few hundred times that afternoon... I think Selene should also work for Canada Parks as she too is Hyperactive.
Time we shot this pic was around 10 pm.

Sunset was around 12:45am, but boy were we glad the sun was going down...
Having a camp fire under the sunlight is just NOT right eh !!!

Poser shot..... Selene took this really good pic of the LC !!!

Having a campfire at 1:30 am when finally it was totally dark and cold !!!

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