Monday, June 22, 2009

Stardate: June 19, 2009

McLeod Lake Provincial Park, BC to Jasper National Park, Alberta
318 miles
Wapiti Campground

Made it to Mt. Robson.
I must say even with the clouds towering on top of this monster of a mountain it had a very impressive stance !!
We wished we could of stay but the forecast called for rain the next few days ahead.
One more place on the long list of "must comeback places".
The weather went from sunny to cold and wet in a matter of minutes.

Entrance to Mt. Robson Park.

Just on the other side of the park and looking at Jasper up ahead.

Mt. Robson area behind us with its own forecast.

At the Alberta border. A few minutes later we were in Jasper and looking for a campsite to crash-in.

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