Monday, June 22, 2009

Stardate June 20, 2009

Jasper NP
68 miles
Wilcox Creek Campground

Got a tent site at Wapiti with showers included and as much wood for campfire as we wanted.
Got up with clouds and rain.
One minute later after folding away the roof top tent (man I love this thing !!! ) we went into town for breakfast and we were off to the Ice fields.
All we knew is that they were some 100+ kilometer ahead.

Jasper is known for views like this !!!

Poser shot, this is probably one of a hundred shots we took.

Getting closer to the Ice Fields we notice the huge Glaciers hanging down this peaks.
Amazing how they just hang there for hundred of years.
Unfortunately most of this Glaciers are receding.

Hey there !!!
Truck is running nice and cool on some of the more steepest passes.

Selene contemplating the immensity of this place..
Yeah, it really is mind bugling.
Later we found out the thin crust of ice you see on this pic ( top left corner) is about 300 feet thick, woah !!!

Ice Fields right behind me.

So, we decided to take the $50 tour and rolled on one of this huge shuttle buses.
There is actually two shuttles the first one takes you from the Hwy to where the Glacier starts and then we jumped on this "Ice Explorer" and it took us up the Athabasca Glacier about 2 miles into the actual glacier "this is probably the easiest I had it going up a glacier".
We then were allowed to walk about for a few minutes and walk on the glacier...
Very cool !! We were surrounded by other glaciers from both sides..

On the Athabasca Glacier with the top of the glacier on my back..

Previous version of the "ice explorer".

Cockpit of the "ice explorer".

Triple Stick shift.
These things supposedly run about 1,375,000.00 each.

For comparison purposes we park next to one of them at the parking lot !!!
These things are HUGE !!!
But, then again everything around here is huge....
Man, Texas ain't got nothing on Alberta !!!

Self shot with Andromeda Glacier at our back !!

Shot from the parking lot.

Last shot before we are on our way to the next campsite 2 miles away from here. :)

So we get to our campsite and decide to do this small hike on the other side of the Hwy.
If I knew this trail was here I would of done this instead, and it had some mix climbing to boot.

At the top of our hike with Mount Athabasca behind us.
This is the only Glacier I know of one could climb from the bottom to the top and back, in one day.

Selene coming back from the top as the sun starts to set behind the mountains.

On this shot the Glacier looks like is just a few feet away from us. It actually is about 3 miles, maybe more from were we stand.

FYI: if you click on the pics you will get the a better view.
These are large files !!

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