Monday, June 22, 2009

Stardate: June 21, 2009

Jasper NP, Alberta to Glacier National Park, Montana
370 miles
Many Glacier Campground

Spent a freezing night at Wilcox Creek campground.
Probably the coldest so far on this trip.
We drove through so much beautiful scenery.

Here are two pics of what we thought is the best ( the real deal is that we are tired of uploading pictures and you need to make it up this way to experience how awesome this places are).

No name Lake before we stopped at the town of Banff.
If you come to this town, stop at Phil's restaurant.
It is located north of the main strip and they have really good food here.
The coffee is really good too.
We stopped in Calgary at the Mountain Equipment Co-Op Store (MEC)
The equivalent to REI in the USA.
After a couple of hours drooling over all the cool toys they sell here we were off to Glacier NP in Montana.

À la prochaine Canada !
A rainbow appears in front of us as we get closer to the Canada-US border.

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