Friday, June 26, 2009

Stardate: June 23, 2009

Glacier NP, Montana to Yellowstone National Park, Montana
419 miles
Rainbow Campground

After a good night sleep at a cabin on Apgar Village the next morning we got up and Logan Pass. We had tried to go up the other side but it was closed due to road construction and snow removal. So, today we went up the other way (west side) with the intent to either hike or ride our bike to the top of the pass.
Here are the pics... this place is sweet !!!

A few miles up the road from Lake MacDonald

One of many awesome views from near the top.

Snow cap mountains this place is huge !!

One of many constructions sites going on through the road to Logan Pass. Single lane around here as the road is washed out in some sections. See the guy on the cage?

Logan pass right in the middle of this pic

Once we made it to where the road was closed we jumped on our bike and went up the mountain. Only 3 miles but at starting to pedal at 5600 feet of elevation was pretty hard.

Hi, look at me Ma !!!

The ride here was pretty short for David Z (roady and MTB buddy) standards but, boy did it have the views or what ???

Riding through this section we pedal as fast as we could.

Getting closer to Logan Pass.

Nice rock wall on the back ground to her left and amazing views to her right !!!

Made it to Logan Pass. Cold and super windy up here...

Back ground on Logan pass was/is very impressive.

Riding down to the car.

On our way out of Glacier NP.

Bear Grass Plants, not flowers, plants !!!!

In full bloom all over the place they look pretty between the trees.

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  1. Hey guys, just a had a chance to scroll through your blog - it is too damn HOT in Israel to be outside. looks like you are having an awesome job and that bitchin' truck is living up to the hype. keep writing and taking the pictures - maurice