Friday, June 26, 2009

Stardate: June 24, 2009

Yellowstone NP
50 miles
Mammoth Campground

After driving late into the early morning hours we got up and drove to West Yellowstone and then off to Mammoth Campground to secure a campsite as they get full right after midday.
The drive on the NP is restricted to 35 mph due to wild life on the road and there is construction going here too. However, this is one place were I dont mind getting stock in traffic.

Young Reindeer just a couple of feet from us.

One of many hot springs near the campground.
That tree has been there for a few years now.

Selene wondering what happened to the trees. :)

I wonder why she told me to stand here and smile..... !!

Taking some poser shots..and boy does she looks good or what ??

On the way back..
Now I gotta say a had a few peeps take pics of our rig as we parked or where driving away from many of the geysers and spring we saw through out the day, I thought that was really cool.

We came to see Old Faithful but were blown away by this Geyser called Bee's Hive. It went on for almost 5 minutes and it shoot upwards of 150 feet.... AMAZING !!!

The Old Guy shooting up !!!

Grand Prismatic dumping hot water on the creek below.

Selene walking around the Grand Prismatic. Love the clash between the top and bottom of this pic.

Looking down at the rock/minerals formation on the floor.
The smell on this spring is of a strong hydrogen Sulfide.

Beautiful colors formed by the minerals.

Checking out the colors and texture up close.

FYI Eh !!

Grand Prismatic... it really is quite a natural wonder and we feel very fortunate to be able to experience a place like this.

Sun hitting the bottom of the floor.

Trees like this adorn the hwy through out the park. The lighting was just perfect.

This is the reason the speed limit is 35mph in and around the NP. To-date 15 of this big guys have been killed by drivers going too fast. This big guy was just around the bend and came fast at us.

He owns the road around here.... very cool experience to see them roam freely around the park.

Lake at the bottom with the sundown fast approaching us.

Another poser shot with the right lighting on the background....
Man We love this rig !!!

Video of the old man blowing his load !!! hehehehe...

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