Monday, June 29, 2009

Stardates: June 25 & 26, 2009

Yellowstone NP to Grand Teton NP
103 miles
Lizard Creek Campground

Today we drove only 100+ miles as we found out through the Ranger Station that the only campsite with open spots was the closest to us. Off we went.....

Mammoth Campground doesn't look like much but the views to the other side were awesome and we spotted a black bear on the way back from seen Old Faithful.

Last night during a campfire we tried the local brewers and this morning we saw the message on the back of this bottle cap. That was a good laugh !!

If yah click on the pic yah will see the post piles on the very top of this land slide. It all dumps to a river below...

Tower Falls, although we hiked to the bottom to see them the trail was washed out and had to settle for the river shore.

We saw this big guy off of the hwy.

Here is a video of the big guy.

A whole herd of them at a distance.....

Llanos (plains) like this were common around here with fishing spots all around..

Dragon's mouth was one scary (somewhat) spring that made this Dragon like (thus the name) sound. See the video below

Churning Caldron, but dont let the name fool yah. The water is not at boiling point. The boiling-like are gases scaping from under the earth... It was still pretty hot.

Lewis Lake

Lewis Waterfall

Leaving Yellowstone with about one gazillion mosquitoes trying to get a bite at me.
Onward to El Parque Nacional de Las Tetas Grandiosas (Grand Teton NP) !!!

Colter Bay Campground
We did not do much today as we were planning to go snow camping, but the weather did not break until late on the day, so we'll do so tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Frank, What a wonderful adventure. It is big step from hiking in Yosemite! Be safe and enjoy.