Monday, June 29, 2009

Stardates: June 27 & 28, 2009

Grand Teton NP
20 miles (round trip)
From String Lake to North Fork Campground

Yesterday we got a permit to go and snow camp (do a loop) up and down the Paintbrush Divide.
However, we ended up making up to Solitude Lake just below the 10k mark at the divide due to inexperience in our part.

Early on the day it was gloomy but an hour later the clouds lifted giving us amazing shots of the Tetons and other surrounding mountains

Owen's Peak but not 100 % sure.

Possible climb for the future ??

So we made it to Solitude Lake after setting up camp just below the lake and watch how this team of two slowly inch their way down the mountain.
Here is a close up of the two.

We waited for them to ask about conditions on the other side of the divide. An hour later they glissaded down on one of this chutes to the far right.
We got the skinny and although with not much experience they informed us that the other side had quiet a lot more snow and they were apprehensive of glissading on the other side due to avalanche danger.

We stayed almost until sundown admiring these amazing mountains.
It is nice to have snow at the end of June isn't it ?

Our campground. We wanted to camp on snow but this place has strict rules on where to camp.

Picture of the Grand Teton at sundown. View from the North east side.

Next morning we decided to hike down and on the way down, we were informed they had closed the Paintbrush divide due to avalanche danger.

Beautiful Alpine view on our way down. Marmots were abundant around here.

View from south side of Jenny Lake.

Driving away from the Teton's Range.

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