Monday, June 29, 2009

Stardates: June 28 & 29, 2009

Grand Teton NP to Paria Contact Station (about 40 miles east of Kanab, UT) Hwy 89/ Zion National Park
658 miles
South Campground

Drove all night after a quick shower at Jackson City, WY. We drove to Paria Contact Station.
We tried our luck at getting next day permits to hike the Wave on Coyote Buttes Area.
Here is a link for some more information if any of you are interested

We got there at 5 am and slept a few hours until they open at 8:30am. By 9am they had 47 entries with only 10 permits available for the next day.
Unfortunately we were not lucky enough to get a permit.
I highly recommend any and all of you to make it to this place. We will be applying for permits through their online lottery. It takes about 3 months to get a permit if you are lucky.

Here are some pictures .

Just like the Big Lotto.

There were other hikes and places to explore but we were dead tired and just wanted to get some sleep so we bailed to Zion NP where the temps were a balmy 104F under the shade.

Cool multicolored cliffs adorn the hwy back to Zion.

Tomorrow we will be up and early to ride one of my favorite places, Gooseberry Mesa
After a few hours of riding we will be on our way home back to LA.

We had an awesome time doing this trip and like all great things in life it has come to an end. However, it also has opened other doors for places to explore more in depth for the future.
Thank you for all your comments here, facebook and IH8MUD.

Hasta la vista baby !!!!


  1. You definitely opened the door for me to look into visiting at least some of those places you did! What an awsome adventure! Thanks for sharing your experience. - Cisco

  2. amazing blog and trip, hope to do this one day in my 60

    lonelydriver on ih8mud

  3. Wow, this looks like it was an awesome trip! Great pics! Thanks for your comments on the RTT question on Mud! We're planning a trip next year out West from PA, with an RTT and bikes on the back of our 80--nice to see a similar setup.

    Lugboot on Mud

  4. I enjoyed this trek a lot. keep posting your travels.