Saturday, June 6, 2009

Stardate June 6, 2009

Cultus Lake, BC to Burns Lake, BC
570 Miles
Burns Lake Campground

No pics today as we did a lotta driving.
But yah'll should of seen the views we saw today.
BC is indeed a beautiful place and I dont think any pics would make justice for such an awesome place.

We did see another FJ60 between Yale Town, BC and Hells Gate, BC.

We made it to Burns Lake Campground and glad to found WiFi service out here in the boondocks.
BTW, the damn mosquitoes are out on full force... hope it gets colder oh and its freaking weird as it was 10:45pm and we still could see the blue skies above us.....

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  1. Hey Frank and Selene,
    10:45 and blue skys!!! Wait to you hit Prudo Bay it will be 3:30am and blue sky.