Monday, June 8, 2009

Stardate: June 7, 2009

Burns Lake, BC to Teslin, YT
755 miles
Campground around Teslin

We did the Cassiar Hwy (37) and boy, it was an amazing drive! We saw plenty of wildlife including 2 Grisly cubs, 2 black bears, and big horn sheep (we think). The 2 Grisly bears came up across the hwy real fast, they looked like they were 300 lbs each. The one black bear was feeding on a roadkill on the hwy and the 4th bear was hanging around on the side of the road. The sheep we saw was a herd crossing the road.

Here are some pics, however, they don't make this place justice.


  1. Shared your pics with peeps at the WC. We're all madly jealous of your adventures. Keep sending us pics so we can continue to live vicariously through you.


  2. lindas las fotos, los ninos estan facinados especialmente con la foto donde estas en el lago tocando el hielo. Nos alegra mucho, que se diviertan.

  3. Hey Frankie! It's djawahir from Ih8mud! Alaska's awesome, eh? I've always wanted to do it in my truck. It looks like you and your v8 are blazing a pretty nice trail. Enjoy your trip! But don't bring back any of those dang mosquitos! Alaska's a good way to test out your truck, isn't it? I'm almost done with mine...almost.