Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stardate: June 8, 2009

Teslin YT to Tok, Alaska
498 miles
Moon Lake Campground

Today, we drove through Whitehorse, which turned out to be a nice little Canadien town. From Haines Junction to Kluane Lake, we saw some of the best mountain ranges, the Saint Elias Mountains in Kluane NP. Although the weather was about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, a big part of the Kluane Lake was frozen.

Around 5:30, we made to the Alaskan/Yukon border and drove into the town of Tok and stayed at Moon Lake campground, that turned out to be the 2nd best campground on this trip of ours.

Here are some pics:

Kluane Lake - Air temp was about 75 - 80 degrees, but half of the lake was still frozen.

We're laughing because Frank stepped on my big toe, he was running towards me as we used a timer to take this picture.

The moose came out of nowhere and as soon it heard us coming, it turned back into the woods.

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