Friday, June 12, 2009

Stardate: June 9, 2009

Tok, AK to Coldfoot, AK MP (mile post) 175 via The Dalton Hwy.
458 miles
Coldfoot Camground

Drove on The Dalton Hwy today.
Known as the Haul Road and Featured on a TV program where they feature truck drivers that drive through the harsh winter conditions ( I dont know how the hell they do it).
It is the only road to Prudhoe Bay, Ak which is a industrial town and where the APL (Alaska pipe line starts, it ends on Valdez, AK)

Driving on this road is somewhat scary as it is the only road I know of where big trucks have the right of way and the road itself is pretty narrow on some sections and on almost every bridge crossing.

We made it to Coldfoot which is basically a truck stop with some tent sites and hotel for tourist.
Once we made it past the Artic circle the mosquitoes seems to turn into Hulklike creatures.. (freaking huge and hungry for your blood)...

The sun did not set until 1am but it really never got dark.
Sleeping was a challege.
After a few hours of sleep we were awaken to a howling pack of wolves that were on the campground.
There was a group of motorcycle riders that had to get up and start and rev their bikes as they were afraid the wolves might come and have an early morning snack.
We were cool on our roof top tent... (I like earplugs).

Here are the pics...


This fellow canadien dude is "Al".
He turns out to be from Ottowa, Ontario, Canada.
He has been on the road for the past 4 weeks.

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